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PostSubject: NSA: MONDAY NIGHT RAW!   Fri Oct 19, 2007 10:12 am


shawn michaels
big daddy v
chris sabin
aj styles
robbert roode
charistain cage
kurt angle
karen angle
samoa joe
bubba ray
matt morgan
judas mesius
ron simmons
mr. kennedy
hardcore holly
james mitchell
lance cade
trevor murdoch
chris masters
shannon moore
matt hardy
dave taylor
brett major
brian major
michelle mccool
mrs. brooks
Talia Madison
karen angle
jillian hall

mike choida
charles robinson
mike sparks
slick johnson
brian hebner

ring announcer: lillain garcia
replacement: justin roberts

commentators: JBL and michael cole.
replacements: johnathon coachman and tazz, joey styles and mike tenay. don west and jeremy borash.


NSA title: ?
US title: MVP
Womens title: Lita
Tag Team: duece and domino

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PostSubject: raw live from Florida; Miami American Airline   Fri Oct 19, 2007 2:06 pm

the stage is a typical silver titantron with a oval outline. their is a long path leading right up unitl the ring which itself is the top rope is white. the middle rope is blue and the bottom rope is red. a promo showing tonights main event. fireworks go off. the tune is Big Time. green fireworks first. then blue. then all at the same time. some shots of the crowd enjoying themselves.
michael cole wearing a typical black suit and white top with a brown tie with red spots and jbl wearing a cream suit with a black top with a red tie are your commentators.
michael cole: welcome to raw. live in maimi.
MC: well, also tonight vince mcmahon will be in action against a man who defenately wants a fight and hates vince. i mean the heart break kid shawn michaels. and also tonight...

"hey hey hey," johnathon coachman is on the stage wearing a red top and jeans.
coach: hey, cowboy and mushy. well if it isnt the royal rumble. thr second best show of the year. and unlike last year i am not presenting it. and i want to change that. oi cole. me and you. winner is the commentator.

JBL pushes michael cole to show some enmthusiasm.
mc: you wanna go.
jbl: hey, michael if you wanna go then i must say always use your hands.
and you betta win cause i aint sitting next to that.

coach: are we fighting.
cole: no!
coach: well then i may down there myself.

coach walks down the aisle and ince getting to michael cole. jbl stands up and pushes coach back.
up behind JBL al snow appears and kicks JBL in the head.
coach grabs mc and pushes him back. punch to coach. another punch. clothesline to coach. coach and al snow back off snow looking delighted with himself. coach not so pleased.

Arrow the break

lillian garcia: ladies and gentleman the folloeing contest is sheduled for one fall and is for the number one contenders spot to face mvp for the united states championship. introducing first.

by the start of davari's song al the fans turn their head to the man wearing a red trousers and a hat who makes his way to the ring. davari is in the ring.
michael cole: you ok.
JBL: i think i may need medical attention, that scatty bit..
mc: hey, calm down.


ron simmons music hits and he enters wearing his typical tshirt and black jeans.

the referee for the match is charles robinson. charles calls for the bell.
davari and ron look at each other. they walk around the ring. ron simmons is talking to the referee. davari attacks ron from behind. kick to davari. punch to davari. ron gets up. clothesline to davari. Running shoulder block to davari
JBL: he is on fire.
mc: my goodness, we may have a winner.
ron Standing thrust spinebuster's davari.
1 2 kick out. Missile dropkick but ron moved out of the way. Football tackle to the knees by ron to davari. davari runs out of the ring. he runs round the ring then enters again. Ron: damn,
davari goes for the clothesline but misses. Snap scoop powerslam to davari. charles robinson counts 1 2 3.

your winner and the number one contender to the US title ron simmons.

vince is backstage wearing a cream suit with a blue tie. johnathon coachman appears wearing a simple black suit.
vince turns to coach.
vince: coach
coach: yes
vince: as you saw last week on raw, i think i may be losing my ming. i know john isnt here. i know he is not going to be annoyed by anyone. what the hell!
ron simmons comes past spraying champagne.

Arrow the break

christian cage enters wearing his usual ring attire.
CC: i am getting tired of this, miami may be a great place for beaches but the streets are filthy. and it gets better. i face samoa joe tonight then i fly all the way to england to face some loser. and i also have to do it in
Sheffield. the hallam arena will be getting a something england hasn't had in a long time. a celebrity who doesn't disgrase themselves. o come on. the queen sits and waves. she doesn't know a thing all she knows to do is sit and wave. tony blair is the current minister guy. or is it that other brown guy. thats it gorden brown. and apparently he is watching right now over in the governers lounge. what a joke. please.

out comes samoa joe.

Spear to cage. punches to cage. cage retriets out of the ring. he walks around the ring and enters again. joe goes for the boot but misses and cage counters with a Spike DDT. 1 kick out. Missile dropkick to joe by cage. Gutbuster to joe. 1 2 kick out. christian cage recieves a clothesline. Muscle Buster to christian. 1 2 3

cage exits whilst edge spears joe. edge then leaves.

Arrow the break

vince mcmahon's music hits and he comes to the ring.
"do you know what, my son, little bastars hornswoggle is somewhere but the real question is where? i dont care!!! i think i'll just leave. actually no. i will not be beaten, i am vincent kennedy mcmahon. tonight we will see HHH vs. cena in a chamber of fears match. and next a laungerie contest,"
hornwoggle comes to the ring wearing a suit and looking like vince.
"what the hell?"
vince shoves hornswoggle out of the ring while melina enters.
torrie wilson enters as well as candice michelle.

the winner was decided to be torrie. melina attacks candice and torrie.

we are back from the break and melina is in the shower. she comes out wearing a towel. candice michelle and torrie wilson are talking and torrie handcuffs melina while candice and torrie take her to the ring.
"what are you doing." torrie straps melina to a table. torrie whips off melina's towel while melina lays to the table naked.

after the break kane is in the ring. out comes matt hardy. the winner will go into the royal rumble in 19 days.
MVP comes out
mvp: hey, i'm the united states champion. i should be in the royal rumble. i should be the one who is BALLIN.

matt hardy: how about you get in the ring against kane and fight him.

MVP: it's ok.

william regal shows up on the titantron.
regal: why dont you shut up porter, tonight you will go one on one against the undertaker.

after an action packed match matt hardy defeats kane.

backstage MVP and matt hardy are arguing.

Arrow the break

out comes duece and domino with cherry in a 1950's car.

out comes cade and murdoch.

this is for the Tag team championship.duece and cade start.

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PostSubject: Re: NSA: MONDAY NIGHT RAW!   Fri Oct 19, 2007 3:27 pm

Really cool show

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PostSubject: Re: NSA: MONDAY NIGHT RAW!   Mon Oct 22, 2007 8:19 am

Admin wrote:
Really cool show

thanks. next week is coming up.
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PostSubject: Re: NSA: MONDAY NIGHT RAW!   

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