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 ECW 10-9-07 Results

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PostSubject: ECW 10-9-07 Results   Sat Oct 13, 2007 12:26 pm

The show opened with the announcement that ECW champion CM Punk would be facing John Morrison. Tazz wondered what Punk's physical condition was after the attack he sustained at No Mercy.

Big Daddy V made his way to the ring. They went to pre-taped comments from V, who said he showed Punk no mercy at the PPV and would do the same to Tommy Dreamer tonight.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Big Daddy V

Dreamer walked to the ring with a purpose. He and V locked up but V shoved him to the mat. He overpowered Dreamer and began mauling him against the ropes. V began stomping on Dreamer in the corner and stood atop of him, smothering the former ECW champion. V took down Dreamer with a back elbow. V hit a belly-to-belly suplex then continued to beat Dreamer. Dreamer backed up through the ropes to the floor, but V followed him to continue the assault. As they returned to the ring, Dreamer began hitting a flurry of offense. He went to the ropes but was caught and slammed down. V hit a running avalanche in the corner on Dreamer, then squashed him with a Samoan Drop. V hit the Abdullah the Butcher style elbow and scored the clean pin.

Your winner, Big Daddy V!

They announced The Miz vs. Balls Mahoney would take place later.

They aired a No Mercy video feature to promote the PPV replay.

They aired a commercial for the hysterical horror comedy Black Sheep. It's an absolute homage to Peter Jackson's Dead Alive.

Kevin Thorn vs. James Curtis

I am pretty sure Curtis is actually KC James and wow, he looks different with that haircut. Thorn attacked Curtis, who escaped and hit a missile dropkick. Curtis got some brief offense before being cut off with a clothesline. Thorn went right after Curtis' neck and head. They announced that WWE.com will announce CM Punk's challenger for Cyber Sunday tomorrow at noon. Thorn continued to work over Curtis. Thorn drives Curtis' shoulder into the ringpost. Thorn continued to pummel Curtis in the corner. Thorn went for a backbreaker but Curtis slipped and they fell. Thorn then hit the Original Sin for the pin.

They showed what happened last week between Kelly Kelly, The Miz and Balls Mahoney.

Backstage, Miz mocked Kelly for wanting to go out with Balls, asking what she saw in him. Hr asked her if something was wrong with her eyes and she said no. Miz said he was going to give her an eyeful to watch next.

They aired a video feature on The Condemned.

The Miz vs. Balls Mahoney

Kelly Kelly clapped for Balls as he came to the ring. Miz was cautious as he got into the ring. Balls went right after him but Miz pulled him hair to take him down. Mahoney hit a big elbow off the ropes. Mahoney worked over Miz with a series of rights and began working him over in the corner. Miz slipped under him and dropped Balls facefirst across the top turnbuckle. Miz snapped Balls' throat over the ropes. Balls made a comeback with a series of rights. He was going to go to the top and stopped to say something to Kelly, allowing Miz a chance to shove him off the apron and sending him into the ringside table. Mahoney wasn't able to get back into the ring in time and was counted out. Kelly checked out Balls at ringside to make sure he was OK. Miz grabbed the teddy bear Balls gave her and teased returning it, then punted it into the crowd. As Miz left, they showed a shot of Mahoney bleeding from the mouth.

Your winner, The Miz!

They aired a video feature on the returning John Morrison.

We caught up on the return of Shawn Michaels last night on Raw.

We then get a Cyber Sunday video feature. Man, there's a lot of video features. Couldn't they have given the ECW champion a promo or something?

ECW World champion CM Punk vs. John Morrison

As Morrison preened inside the ring, we saw footage of Punk being decimated by Big Daddy V from the PPV. The footage ends with a bloody and beaten Punk, so of course, he comes to the ring smiling and full of piss and vinegar. UGH. WWE creative just destroyed whatever sympathy they just built for him. Punk took off his shirt to reveal his ribs were taped.

Morrison went right after Punk's ribs. Morrison kept measuring and kicking at the ribs. Morrison locked on an abdominal stretch. Punk finally monkey flipped Morrison, then clotheslined him over the ropes. He went to the floor and tried to suplex Morrison on the ring steps. Morrison reversed it and dropped Punk ribs-first over the stairs. Morrison continued to work over Punk's ribs on the mat. The beating went on for some time. Morrison missed a charge in the corner and Punk hit a springboard missile dropkick, nearly slipping as he did it, which actually made sense given the "injury." Morrison was shot to the floor and nearly counted out. He returned to the apron, where he and Punk battled. Punk drilled him in the head with a kick. Punk slammed Morrison, but clutched his ribs. Punk nailed a leg lariat for a two count. Morrison came back with several kicks to the ribs and head but Punk kicked out of the pinfall attempt. Punk nailed an enziguiri, but was unable to get the three count. Punk was superplexed off the top and pinned.

Your winner, John Morrison!

Quick Results:

- Big Daddy V def. Tommy Dreamer

- Kevin Thorn def. James Curtis

- The Miz def. Balls Mahoney

- John Morrison def. CM Punk

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ECW 10-9-07 Results
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