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 SmackDown 10-12-07 Results

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PostSubject: SmackDown 10-12-07 Results   Fri Oct 12, 2007 11:15 pm

Michelle McCool rode out with Chuck on his bike. This match was set up when Masters inexplicably attacked Palumbo after his match last week. Palumbo pounded away on Masters early, then hit a short-arm clothesline. Big back elbow caught Masters off the ropes. Masters tried to suplex Palumbo, but Chuckie reversed it for one of his own. Big elbowdrop missed though, and Masters backed him into the corner before being restrained by referee Jim Korderas. Snap-suplex by The Masterpiece, good for a two-count. The crowd certainly does not like Masters. Scoop slam by Masters. He signaled for the Masterlock, and tried to hook it in, but couldn’t. Palumbo backed him into the turnbuckle, then hit a hard clothesline. The two then traded fists in mid-ring, before Palumbo hit a forearm to take control. Masters caught Palumbo with a boot coming in, but Chuck hit a belly-to-belly suplex. Palumbo missed a kick, but Masters missed a clothesline and Palumbo rolled him up for three.

Winner: Palumbo at 3:45. Okay match, nothing more. But at least they’ve given them a reason to fight.

-After the match, Masters attacked Palumbo from behind while Chuck tried to get on his bike. He then locked in the Masterlock. Guess this isn’t just a two week feud.


Festus once again transformed once the bell rang. Too bad we’ll never find out why. Jesse used his speed to avoid Adams, who got a kick in and immediately tossed Jesse to the outside. Back in, Jesse took over with a nice arm-drag, then dropkicked Carnes on the apron. Backstage, Deuce & Domino were watching the match on their monitors. Carnes tagged in, and Jesse tagged Festus. Festus hit a kick and a headbutt to the spine. Adams tried to help out, but got shoved away. Festus no-sold a Carnes forearm then hit a running kick. Jesse threw Adams across the ring and made a tag to Jesse. Jesse hit Carnes on the outside and got clotheslined by Adams. Carnes was brought in, but ducked and Jesse kicked him. He tagged out again and Festus tagged in. Big bull-rush by Festus, who then hit Bastion Booger’s finisher (the ol’ sit down in the opponent’s face). Jesse was tagged and hit a flying shoulderblock for the pin.

WINNER: Jesse & Festus at 3:39. Good squash to get the new duo over.

-Back to Deuce & Domino backstage, making fun of the newcomers. Jamie Noble walked in, but was hesitant to talk to the two. Noble said he was at a bar and heard Jimmy Yang making suggestive comments about Cherry. Of course, the guys got fired up. Jamie whispered what was said in Deuce’s ear, causing him to need to be restrained by Domino.

-Tonight, The Brothers of Destruction vs. MVP & Matt Hardy.


So...why did the Majors disappear for a month? And worst of all, why are they still white-bread? McIntyre was led to the ring by Dave Taylor. Hilariously, in his inset interview, McIntyre said he wanted the crowd to chant “USA, USA,” even though they’re doing it assuming he’s a heel, and like all foreigners, the fans assume he can’t stand that chant. Major grabbed an arm-bar, but McIntyre reversed. They had a bit of a feeling-out process until Mac picked Brett up and set him on the apron. As Major came back in, McIntyre nailed him. I wonder if they’re going to debut the guys that will be in the English territory on US TV before starting the new promotion. I’m assuming McIntyre will be one of them. Taylor laid into the other Major brother, distracting Brett in the ring enough for McIntyre to roll him up for the victory.

WINNER: McIntyre at 2:34. Can’t see what a guy is made of in two-and-a-half minutes. McIntyre has to get over the hump of possibly being seen as a third Highlander.

-A DivaSearch video aired, where they answered some strange questions from that pervert Todd Grisham.

-MVP was on the phone with someone, until Matt Hardy approached. They both thought they had the right way to defeat the brothers, but Hardy said they need to work as a team to win. “Just follow my lead out there” said MVP. The match is next.


Matt and Kane started things off, and a big clothesline put Matt down. Bodyslam followed. Taker tagged in and immediately went Old-School, but Matt stopped him at the top. Taker shoved him off though. MVP knocked Taker down then did some trash talking. Taker was pissed and brought MVP in. Matt was thrown out, and the boys were going to hit a double-chokeslam, but Matt got MVP out of harm’s way. They argued outside as we went to break.


Back from break, Taker and Kane were dominating the champs. Kane tagged in and went to work on MVP. Kane peppered MVP with punches in the corner. Kane missed a shoulder charge and hit the post. MVP smelled blood and went after Kane. MVP’s running kick in the corner connected with Kane. It got a two-count. Matt tagged in and Kane came back. He pulled Matt into his corner and tagged Undertaker. Taker kept Matt in the brothers’ corner. Matt snuck away and got Taker into his corner, and laid some shoulders in. He then tagged out to MVP. JBL compared wrestling Undertaker to “grabbing a live bolt of electricity.” Taker went old school and came down on the shoulder of MVP. Kane came in and hit a sidewalk slam. To the top, Kane came down on MVP with a clothesline. MVP rolled to the outside so Taker met him and rammed him head first into the steps. Taker dropped a leg over the throat of MVP, who was laying on the apron. Another kick-out by MVP, though. MVP came back against Kane, and was able to tag Matt in. Kane countered the bulldog, but Matt hit the elbow to the neck of Kane. At this point, the crowd was behind Kane and Taker. Matt was thrown off the ropes and got nailed with a boot. Matt was able to wriggle off Kane’s shoulders and hit the Twist of Fate. MVP tagged himself in but could only get two. Taker tagged in and hit the Snake Eyes on MVP, followed by the boot. Taker missed hitting MVP and hit Matt instead. MVP tried to back down, but ran into Kane. Taker corralled MVP and hit the Tombstone. Game over.

WINNERS: Brothers of Destruction at 14:48. Pretty good match.

-Still to come, Rey vs. Finlay to see who will face Batista at Cyber Sunday.


-Michael Cole sent it backstage to the new Smackdown interviewer, Anastasia Rose. She didn’t do too bad, though the bar is set so low for backstage interviewers now, thanks to TNA and WWE’s ladies. She interviewed Rey Mysterio. Mysterio claimed Finlay “played” him at No Mercy on Sunday. And he was not happy. Rey said he could play dirty too. He mixed some Spanish into the interview, and said he’d give Finlay a fight tonight.

-A look back to Teddy’s wedding, where he fell ill. He’s been moved out of intensive care and is resting comfortably at an Atlanta medical facility.

-Vickie, backstage with Jamie Noble, said Teddy would be back home next week. Noble accused Vickie of being an opportunist and sneaking in to take Teddy’s job. He bragged about getting the Greasers upset at Yang. Vickie told Jamie he’d have a match against The Great Khali tonight. And it’s next. Noble is not happy. Tarnation.


Noble went right for the legs, trying to get a single-leg take-down. Not too bright. He was easily brushed off by Khali. Noble then tried a tornado DDT to no avail. Khali just threw Noble off. Hard shot to the skull of Noble. Khali grabbed Noble’s head and squeezed in the vice grip. That’ll do it.
WINNER: Khali at 1:15.


-A review of past Cyber Sundays aired.

Deuce wasted little time in going after Yang. Deuce trash-talked and hammered away at Yang. Hard right hands from the son of Jimmy Snuka. Deuce set Yang on the top rope, and pounded away at his back. Yang knocked Deuce off and hit the moonsault, his first offense of the match, and that was enough to get the pin.

WINNER: Yang, at 1:28.

-Domino attacked from behind right after the match. Cherry slapped Yang several times, then Deuce hit Crack’em In The Mouth. So who does Yang get to be his partner?

-The Punjabi Prison video package aired again.

-The World Champion Batista made his way into the arena. He posed in the ring and apparently will stick around for the Finlay/Rey match. That one is next.


-Batista joined Michael Cole and JBL at the announce table. JBL called Batista’s win Sunday “A career defining moment.”

JBL got the mic before the match and impassioned the fans to make him the guest referee for the World Championship match at Cyber Sunday. Absolutely no pop for JBL saying Mick Foley’s name. None. Steve Austin’s got a big pop though. JBL: “How would it feel to be in the ring with the wrestling God again?” Batista: “...I think last time, I beat you.” JBL: “....” Great exchange. Rey got the advantage against Finlay early on, but missed a moonsault. Finlay immediately went to the outside and grabbed the shillaleigh. Rey jumped onto Finlay on the outside and jeez, a commercial break already.


Rey was beating Finlay and hit a snap-mare, then a splash for two. Finlay one-upped Mysterio, and pushed him against the ringpost. Boston Crab applied by Finlay. After that, a knee to the back got Finlay a two-count. Head-scissor take-over by Rey, then a bulldog. That got two. Mysterio avoided a Finlay clothesline and set him up for the 619, but Finlay escaped and Rey hti a baseball slide. Finlay caught Rey coming back into the ring though. The two men started brawling in mid-ring and had to be separated by referee Mickie Henson. They kept getting separated and brawling again. They both shoved the ref down during their brawl, and Henson called for the DQ.

WINNER: Double DQ at 9:55.

-Finlay got his shillaleigh to hit Rey, but the lights went out and the gong hit. When the lights came back on, Finlay and Rey were both down and Taker was standing in the middle of the ring. He stared right at Batista, and made the belt-around-the-waist signal. Batista raised his title in response

Quick Results:

Chuck Palambo def. Chris Masters

Jesse & Festus def. Jay Adams & Conrad Carnes

Drew Mcintyre def. Bret Major

The Brothers of Destruction def. Matt Hardy & MVP

The Great Khali def. Jamie Noble

Deuce def. Jimmy Wang Yang

*Main Event*
Finlay V.S Rey Mysterio
#1 Contenders Match:World Heavyweight Championship

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PostSubject: hey   Fri Oct 19, 2007 10:01 pm

im glad it was a dq on finlay and mysterio.i wanted to see rey do the 619 i havent seen it in awhile.
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SmackDown 10-12-07 Results
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