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 ECW 10-23-07 Results

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PostSubject: ECW 10-23-07 Results   Wed Oct 24, 2007 4:12 pm

Tonight’s ECW opens with The Miz making his way to the ring with Extreme Expose.

“This Sunday ECW fans have an important choice to make. They get to vote for the man to take on ECW. There are 3 candidates but only 1 real choice.

First you have Big Daddy V. But last week Big Daddy V attacked me from behind to try to impress the fans.

Then there is John Morrison, his fruity entrance says it’s all.

Then, you have The Miz. Before I leave, I have one more bit of business to attend to. Kelly Kelly, you went out on a date with Balls Mahoney last week. Didn’t I forbid you to date Balls Mahoney? I own the management contract of Extreme Expose, and by going out with Balls, you violated the contract and I can fire you.

But you know what, I’m a nice guy so I’m going to teach you a lesson by making your life miserable week after week after week”

John Morrison’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

“You forgot your little hat today tool. Your hat aside, we have something in common. Neither of us want Big Daddy V voted in this Sunday. But you have to face reality, there’s not an ECW fan alive that wants you voted in on Sunday. The man they want is me.”

“Morrison you have got…”

“Shut up Miz, I’m not done talking, there’s something I want to ask you. Why do you associate yourself with a loser like the Miz? You should align yourself with a star who’s done something neither the Miz or Big Daddy V has done and that’s defeat CM Punk.

Besides, I can tell by the way you’re standing; you are dying to spend a night with me in the palace of wisdom. I guarantee you’ll be screaming “Morrison”

Kelly Kelly slaps him. Balls runs into the ring and attacks Morrison.

Miz and Morrison double team Balls then Morrison turns on Miz and shoves him out of the ring then celebrates in the ring.

CM Punk appears in the ring and attacks Morrison and knocks him out of the ring. Finally, a crowd reaction. The crowd loves Punk.


10:13 – Back from commercial break with the Miz screaming at Morrison about the cheap shot tonight.

Armando stops them and tells them they need to get along because tonight there will be a tag match consisting of CM Punk and Balls Mahoney against The Miz and Morrison.

The pair start fighting again.


The bell rings and the men stare each other down a moment then Kane slaps V and starts punching him.

Kane tries for a chokeslam but V slaps his hand away and takes Kane down. V picks up Kane and slams him to the mat. V hits Kane in the back and then gets him in the corner.

V goes to hit Kane but Kane ducks and gets free getting V into the corner. V takes Kane down with a sidewalk slam.

V picks up Kane gets him against the ropes then knocks him outside the ring with a clothesline. V gets out of the ring and goes after Kane, he picks him up and gets him back into the ring.

Kane punches V.


10:21 – Back from commercial break with V on top of Kane. Kane struggles to get to the ropes and finally makes it.

V drops himself on Kane’s back and just lies there. Boy this is an exciting match.

Kane struggles to get up, as Kane gets to his knees V nails him with a chop. V goes to do it again but Kane catches his arm and punches him.

Kane hicks V into the corner then hits V with a running clothesline. Kane backs up and does it again. Kane climbs to the top rope and jumps off hitting V with a clothesline.

Mark Henry suddenly runs into the ring to attack Kane. Kane catches him and gets Henry into the corner and starts punching him.

Suddenly The Great Khali gets into the ring and takes down Kane.

Big Daddy V and Khali end up getting knocked out of the ring and Mark Henry slams Kane into the corner. Kane sidesteps and goes for the chokeslam on Henry.

Henry breaks free and Kane counters with a kick and knocks Henry out of the ring.

Kane stands in the ring and celebrates.


10:30 – Back from commercial break with a recap of the Batista/Undertaker match.

Backstage CM Punk is talking to Balls.

“Let’s just work as a tag team, because Miz and Morrison can’t get along like us…but that aside, you had a date with Kelly Kelly…well….how’d it end?”

Balls just starts to giggle. Punk looks at him, “Balls, that is disturbing”

“Yeah, that’s what she said too” Balls laughs, walking away.



10:39 – Back from commercial break with Elijah Burke making his way to the ring.


The pair start bickering before the bell even rings. Burke takes Nunzio down with several blows to the head.

Burke picks up Nunzio and goes to slam him down but Nunzio lands on his feet and kicks Burke then nails Burke with a dropkick.

Nunzio gets Burke into the corner and climbs the 2nd rope and starts to punch.

Burke jumps off the ropes and slams Nunzio into the ringpost. Burke slams Nunzio into the ropes then uses the ropes to choke Nunzio.

Burke takes down Nunzio and goes for the cover. Burke gets Nunzio in a submission hold. Nunzio starts punching Burke in the stomach to break free.

Burke gets Nunzio in the corner and Burke starts punching him. Burke hangs Nunzio just over the apron and kicks him. Burke gets backed in the ring and goes for the cover. 2 count.

Burke gets Nunzio in a submission hold. Nunzio struggles to get free. Burke keeps the submission hold locked on. Nunzio finally breaks the hold and kicks Burke away.

Nunzio climbs the ropes and doves onto Burke then goes for the cover. 2 count.

Nunzio takes Burke down with a clothesline. Nunzio climbs the ropes but Burke catches him and slams him to the mat.

Burke pulls down his knee pads and nails Nunzio with the Elijah Express then goes for the cover.


Backstage Khali is yelling something about Big Daddy.


10:51 – Back from commercial with Big Daddy V declaring he will be the dominate force next week.


The bell rings and The Miz and Punk start the match of.

The pair circle and finally lock up. Punk gets Miz in a headlock. Punk flips Miz to the mat, keeping the headlock in place.

Miz gets to hi s feet and shoves Punk across the ring. Punk uses the ropes to go for the cover. 2 count.

Punk takes Miz down with a cross body then tags in Balls.

Balls elbows Miz in the back and takes him to the mat then tags in Punk.

Punk slams his shoulder into Miz twice.

(cable blink)

Morrison gets tagged I and starts punching Balls. Balls slams Morrison to the mat and Balls goes for the cover. 2 count.

Balls hits Morrison with the balls punch. Balls slams Morrison to the mat and then climbs to the top rope and lands on top.

(another cable blink)

Morrison punched Balls and knocked him to the mat then gets him in a headlock.

Balls gets free and punches Morrison but Morrison takes Balls down again and goes for the cover. 2 count.

Morrison tags Miz in. Miz takes Balls down the some punches then goes for the cover. 2 count.

Miz tags in Morrison and Morrison starts punching Balls. Morrison does a great kick to Balls in the head and takes him down, Morrison goes for the cover. 2 count.

Miz and Morrison argue over who should be tagged in and Miz wins, Miz gets Balls in a headlock.

The pair exchange punches and Balls takes Miz down and struggles to get to Punk for the tag.

Balls tags in Punk and Miz tags in Morrison. Punk takes Morrison down then gets him against the ropes and uses them.

Punk uses the ropes and dives onto Morrison and goes for the cover. 2 count.

Miz tags himself in and Punk gets Miz to take out his own partner.

Punk grabs Morrison who was the legal man and hits the GTS.


Quick Results

- Kane def. Big Daddy V
Via DQ

- Elijah Burke def. Nunzio

Main Event
CM Punk & Balls Mahoney def. John Morrison & The Miz

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ECW 10-23-07 Results
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